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For the past few years, on the first day back from Winter Break, I’ve had my kids work on their own New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve done this with every grade I’ve taught, including Kindergarten!   That’s why I love using this easy New Year’s Resolution Tab Book in which students can write their goals. The tab books are the perfect way to put 2021 behind us!

This easy New Year’s Resolution activity includes a digital version for Google Classroom. Perfect for those of you who are utilizing digital classrooms!

Now, you don’t need to print this out until just before you come back from Winter Break. Though I usually don’t update this free download until mid to late December, I have a few days before the craziness begins, so I went ahead and updated EVERYTHING for you. Even you early planners can snag these for when we get back after Christmas break.

New Year’s Goal Setting Tab Book for 2022

These little tab books are so easy to make! Here’s a quick how-to on printing and assembling the printable version!

To Use:

  1. Select the two designs you like. Then, double side print. I used fun bright colored paper, but white would work, too!
  2. Then, have your kiddos fold on the solid line. This will create a little tab part that will stick out at the bottom.
  3. Cut on the dotted lines. This creates the fold up parts.

Under each tab, students can write their goals for the New Year. These can be academic or personal. Just something they want to work on as we move through the rest of the year.

I do love starting lessons with books! I found this great goal-setting book Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges. (AF link) It’s a story about the author’s grandmother and her goal of attending a university just like her male cousins and uncles have.

If you’d like to see more goal-setting books, check out this post from ThinkGrowGiggle.com. Jeanine shares quite a few other great goal-setting book ideas!

Lots of Printing Options

This FREE printable includes several different goal statements so you can customize it for your students and what you want them to work on in the new year!

new year's resolution goal setting tabbook 2022

Now, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on taking graded work home, be sure to check out this post!

New Year’s Resolution Bulletin Board Idea!

These New Year’s Resolution tab books look great on a bulletin board, and the best part is that you don’t actually have to change them for a few weeks after you hang them up.

Leave them up until the end of the year and refer back to them as you check in with your goals! Here are my third grader’s tab-books from a few years ago

New Year’s Goal Setting Activity Goes Digital

Because so many teacher friends utilize digital classrooms, this free download includes a digital interactive version made in Google Slides!

This version is super simple to use as well and includes directions on how to share with your students for Google Classroom and in Microsoft.

After students add their names and their goals, they can share their tab book with the class. In “Present mode” the slides have been pre-programmed to “lift up” when you move to the next slide. Your students will love how each tab magically lifts up as they share their goals for 2021!

This is a great activity to do in Break Out rooms too! If you don’t have access yet to the Google Classroom version, check out this extension and tutorial.

New Year’s Resolution 2022 Activity Free Activity

Now quickly go and grab this free download! The download includes different printable options as well as a link to the digital student activity.

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Ah…, doesn’t it feel good to have at least one thing marked off your to-do list?

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