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Writing to the Stars… and a FREEBIE!

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Now, I love getting inspiration from the internet. It is sooo easy, with Pinterest and so many great teacher blogs… but I’ve forgotten that some of the best ideas come from classrooms that are just across the hall (or in my case, the building down the hall).

This week I was lucky enough to steal a few minutes away from my peanut (see photos of my cutie pie here!)  and head up to school on a Teacher Duty Day. While I was there, I was able to see/hear about some truly AWESOME ideas! One of which turned into a “must share” and freebie for you! 🙂 

An AWESOME Letter Writing Activity

I always find it challenging to *REALLY* get kids excited about writing. (I swear sometimes they act like I am asking them to eat a bug or something!)  My dear friend (and an AMAZE-BALLS of a teacher) Mrs. Peeples, had this great idea to “spice up” her Daily Five Writing Station. Here’s what she did:
After reviewing letter writing with her fifth graders, Mrs. Peeples had her students write fan letters to some of their favorite celebrities. In response, many of the students received autographed pictures from whom they had written their letter to! The kiddos couldn’t get enough of it!!! The best part? The students really looked over their writings and make sure everything is perfect. (You never know WHO will be seeing that letter!) Here’s how she set it up for her room: 
In her Daily Five Writing Station Binder, she created a page of addresses of  kid friendly celebrities…

To help with her visual learners, she colored coded the name, street address, and city/state

She also included the President and First Lady!

She provided writing paper (regular ol’ lined paper), envelopes, and a sample  of a friendly letter and an addressed envelope. The students then write their letter and address their envelope. To mail their letter, students do have to bring a stamp from home (although Mrs. Peeples does keep a few extra on hand for those kids who may not have access to one).  She also has the students use the school’s address as a return address for privacy purposes. 

Usually, a few short weeks later, the kiddos receive back something address to them at the school!  Sometimes it’s a “thank- you” letter and other times it’s an AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE!

(How stinkin’ cool is that!!!???)

My favorite is that if a student did receive something back, Mrs. Peeples is sure to point out it was because the letter was well written and the student must have put a lot of effort into the activity! LOVE IT! 

Now… this would have to be modified for a second grade classroom, but I know this activity would work in almost EVERY grade in some respect!

This awesome letter writing activity inspired me to make this for you:

(Click the picture to download for FREE!)

  I’ve included 9 addresses to some very popular celebrities…
A blank sheet for more addresses to be added…

Small and large themed writing papers…

Have fun! Thanks again Mrs. Peeples for this AWESOME idea! 

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