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Quick Fractions Post and a FREEBIE!

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This post has to be quick! So much to do and like usual… NEVER enough time to do it! I need like 4 more hours in my day, ya’ know what I am sayin’?! LOL! 
This week we’ve moved into fractions. I love teaching fractions… I am not really sure why. Maybe because fractions lend themselves so nicely to food related examples? 🙂  
To introduce our fraction unit I used these AWESOME fraction books to get the kiddos used to
 the verbiage

  After we mastered the key vocab (numerator, denominator, halves, thirds, fourths, etc.) We were ready to apply our new found understanding and create our very own pizzas! 
We used this adorable Perfect Pizza Fraction idea from Victoria at the Wise and Witty Teacher. (You can click here to get the header and the toppings key) My kiddos had a blast creating their pizzas and naming the fractions of each topping they used. 
As a summative review we completed a fraction hunt. 
I wish I could take all the credit for this ADORBS idea, but I owe it to the amazingly talented Amy Lemons. After completing the, “I SPY… Coins” activity from her, “It’s All About the Money” unit, my little ones have been begging (literally- BEGGING) to complete it again. I knew fractions were a perfect concept for an “I Spy” type game and so I whipped this little baby up!

You should have seen their faces when they saw me putting up the cards. THEY ATE it up! LOL! Click on the picture to grab this fun activity for yourself. 
I’ve also began bundling all the other activities we completed in class into a new fractions unit
I should have this completed by the weekend! (If I have enough time… ACK!) 

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