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Summer Buckets!

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Do you give your students gifts at the end of the year? 
Last year, I gave my students little summer survival cups filled with goodies to help get them through the summer. They were cute, but not very “useful”… 
So this year, I decided I should have my end of the year gift pull double duty! I wanted them to be cute and meaningful, but also useful…
 Enter “Summer Buckets” (insert trumpet sounds…)
I am sure you’ve seen these on Pinterest… such a CUTE idea! Hope King has a whole unit on TpT for these too!
 I decided I would put my own spin on this fun summer idea and fill them with activities and little mementos that will help keep most of what my students have learned this year “fresh” in their minds.
(these are NOT done btw…Sooooo need to be WAY CUTER! LOL! )
So here’s what I am filling our summer buckets up with…
Any and all left over workbooks. We have  a lot of consumables in our classroom, but we don’t always use every page. To help clean out my room students review skills, I am adding our unused portions of those workbooks to their buckets. 
So far they have a math consumable and a grammar one…but don’t worry… I am still looking for more! ( I think I may have a science one by the end of the week… )    
I’ve also added a cursive packet… What kid isn’t excited about learning cursive?!?
  I have to admit, I found the ones I am using in a cubby from last year (That’s where those went!) But I found this cute one for you on TpT for you!
We’ve been working on our basic facts ALL year, so I don’t want my kiddos to loose ANY of that fast fact fluency. 
I made a simple set of basics fact cards (you can check those out here
Students will write the answers to their fact cards to make them self checking. 
I also printed multiplication basic fact cards for students to start practicing those facts. 

You can grab both units here in my store. 
We are also working on our class book, “School Days“. 
This is a collection of writings that focuses on  Students’ favorite day in second grade. Once the book is “published”, we will add those to our buckets. 
The last thing we will add are Hope King’s ADORABLE Paperbag Memory books
We’ve started them, and the kiddos are LOVIN’ adding their fav’s from the year. 
Those are our “Summer Buckets”. I can’t wait for the kiddos to take them home! I will post a picture of them once they are beautified! 
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