First Week of School Fun and a FREEBIE!

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Sorry I’ve been a *little* MIA lately, but I started school this week with my brand new batch of second graders and they sure do keep me on my toes!
Here’s a run down of our week so far!
We started Monday with the introductions and LOTS of practice with our classroom expectations. 
(You can grab my chart and classroom expectations here)
We also worked on procedures like using our “Marshmallow Toes” when we walk through the hallway and up and down the stairs. 

You can grab this activity here for FREE!
In addition to getting to know how things “roll” in my classroom… we also worked on building a classroom community and learned how to cooperate with others.
To help reinforce the idea of our classroom community, I had the students decide which “jobs” we should have in our community…

 With our jobs designated, we moved on to how to work in a cooperative group…
I love this toothpaste activity where groups of students try to get all their toothpaste back in the tube only using toothpicks! 
The lesson learned is two fold- how to work together and that you can’t take back ALL of your words, so always use kind ones! 
My kiddos also LOVED working together on completing Amy Lemon’s Silent puzzles from her 
In math, we also read, “This is the Way We Go to School”

My kiddos LOVED guessing where each student in the story was from! Using the story as a basis, we also graphed how we get home from school .
(such a great way to make sure EVERYONE knows how they go home!
 PS- Don’t judge my graph, we were in a RUSH, RUSH, RUSH! LOL!) 
You can grab the graphics I used  here!

These match perfectly with my newest “School Forms and Checklists” Pack

We did soooooooo much more this week, I can’t even put it all up! Please be sure to check back later this week to see what else we’ve been up to!

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