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Looking to up your annotating text game? Check out these tools that will help your students SNOTS through their text! TheAppliciousTeacher.com

Annotating Text: Favorite Tools for Taking SNOTS to the Next Level

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So it’s official: kids ALL OVER THE WORLD are using SNOTS to annotate their text! If you’re a SNOTS fan and you’re ready to take your text annotating to the next level, this post is for you. And if you’re new to SNOTS… don’t worry… We’ll catch you up!

Looking to up your annotating text game? Check out these tools that will help your students SNOTS through their text! TheAppliciousTeacher.com

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What are SNOTS?

First things first… What are SNOTS?

Simply put, SNOTS stands for Small Notes On The Side. This is a simple text annotating strategy that encourages students to interact with text in a meaningful way. SNOTS are perfect for students who are ready to dive deep into a given text.

No memorizing certain letterings or codes. SNOTS works to encourage students to make predictions, identify the main idea, and note important information like key vocabulary and dates. Students boogie through the text using a green writing utensil. This can look like highlighting the text and writing notes in the margins.

Want a more in-depth look at how to introduce SNOTS in your classroom? Check out this post!

Taking Text Annotation to the Next Level with these tools

If you already introduced students to SNOTS, you might be ready to take it to the next level. Or if you want to make a SPLASH when introducing SNOTS, then you might want to grab a few of these tools!

Picture of all the tools with quick links.

1. SNOTS Passages

SNOTS passages for annotating text

Hit the easy button on having your students SNOTS their papers with this ready-to-go set of passages. Every passage includes a high-interest snotty topic and SNOTS suggestions. Perfect for whole group lessons or small group practice!

Your students will love the topics, and you’ll love the annotating text practice!

Grab the set here!

2. Green Colored Pencils

green pencils for annotating text

Some teachers use green crayons, others green pens, but honestly, I love green colored pencils! They are smooth to color over large amounts of text, and are easier to write with than crayons.

You can get a whole set of green-colored pencils on Amazon! And this set includes erasers! Perfect for erasing any excess SNOTSing.

Check out these erasable pencils here!

3. Green Highlighters

green highlighter for annotating text

Want to use something a little brighter? Highlighters work well, too! This bulk set is perfect for passing out a SNOTS highlighter for students to always keep in their crayon boxes!

Grab them here on Amazon! Or add them to your teacher wishlist!

Ps-The erasable kind seems wonderful!

4. Nose Toppers

Up the ante with these fun nose-shaped pencil sharpeners. Who doesn’t want to put a pencil up a nostril to sharpen a green pencil before they SNOTS all over the paper?

5. Chart Paper

Perfect for creating a stay-up-all-year anchor chart. Or have your students do a sample SNOTS on a paragraph from a text you are reading.

Grab my favorite chart paper here!

6. Green Sticky Notes

Use green because we are working on a theme here! I like to use sticky notes as a way for students to add information to our chart. It’s also a perfect way to write notes in books that shouldn’t be written in.

Teacher tip! Extra sticky ones are the best.

Grab my favorite kind here on Amazon!

Tools for Taking Your Annotating Text Activities to the Next Level

So, these are just a few of my favorite tools for bringing giggles and engagement to the annotating text realm. Most of the tools are things you already have in your teaching supply closet!

Start SNOTS-ing in Your Classroom

Ready to get your kids annotating their text in a way that’s meaningful and helpful? Be sure to check out the SNOTS Bundle.

SNOTS annotating text activities

This bundle includes lesson plans, teaching tools, and passages to help your students start SNOTSing independently! Grab it here!

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