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November bulletin ideas that are easy! Love this simple fall bulletin boards TheAppliciousTeacher.com

9 Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for November

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As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it’s that beautiful time of year again – Fall is upon us! In celebration of this beautiful season, I’m excited to introduce some of my favorite November bulletin boards! These November bulletin board ideas will help you transform your classroom into a cozy, creative space filled with vibrant colors that will capture the essence of Fall. Not to mention, they are super easy to put together and will save you TONS of time!

Today, I’m sharing nine easy November bulletin board ideas for November. And by easy, I’m talking only talking 30 minutes or less easy! Come check them out!

November bulletin ideas that are easy! Love this simple fall bulletin boards TheAppliciousTeacher.com

9 Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for November:

1. Turkey Bulletin Board

thanksgiving writing activity turkey craft

You’ll want to read the book “Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.” After reading the book, you can have your students work on their persuasive writing to try and convince the reader to have something other than turkey on Thanksgiving. After having your students revise and peer edit their writing they can rewrite and publish using this adorable Turkey Writing Craft! This is a fun writing project and can double as a fall bulletin board just in time for Thanksgiving!

2. Fall Shades of Meaning Words Board

shades of meaning, synonyms activtity

This is the perfect time to incorporate a little Fall Thematic unit into your literacy curriculum! You can teach many things, including close readings, the author’s purpose, non-fiction text features, and shades of meaning! I used a book from Reading A-Z called “Why Do the Leaves Change Color.” You’ll want to discuss why the author uses such intense words with your students. They’ll conclude that the author wants to paint a vivid picture in their mind!

Another book option is Good Bye Summer, Hello Autumn. Check it out here!

Then, you can have students choose more vivid words for fall colors. For this activity, split your students into groups of 3-4. Give each group a leaf cut out, a colored word, a black marker, and an iPad (or chrome book). The iPads can be used to look up more intense versions of the color word. Finally, hang the leaves around the classroom or on a bulletin board! Check out this example here!

3. My Favorite Season Writing Activity

my favorite season activity

You can use the book, “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” by Kenard Pak. As you read to your students, you can point out things signaling the arrival of a new season! This book helps lead to a classroom discussion about fall and all the things your students love about it.

After much brainstorming, students can begin working on their opinion writing piece, where they will write about their favorite season and give the reasons why.

Once students are ready to publish their writing pieces, they can create The Best Season Opinion Writing Craft! This writing craft allows students to decorate a tree to match their favorite season! Of course, once these are finished, they will look amazing, displayed in the hallway on a bulletin board for the fall season! Check out the example here.

4. I Am Thankful Leaves Bulletin Board

I am thankful for bulletin board November Bulletin boards

This bulletin board is wonderfully straightforward and highly interactive! You can have a single student place a gratitude leaf on the board daily or involve everyone simultaneously for a collective experience! Check out the example here!

5. Ready to Tackle Your Goals

football themed bulletin board

This is perfect for the beginning of the school year, especially with goal setting! Create a Super Bowl Football Bulletin Board where the students can write their goals for the year on the football. Grab these already-made glitter football cutouts to save you even more time. Check out the example here!

6. Veteran’s Day Bulletin Board

Veteran's day bulletin board November Bulletin boards.

Celebrate Veteran’s Day with your students by creating this Veteran’s Day bulletin board to pay tribute to the brave men and women who served our country. This beautiful bulletin board has patriotic colors and symbols, and the display embodies the spirit of honor and gratitude. You can have your students write messages, drawings, or poems on the stars, expressing their appreciation to the veterans and active-duty military members. Check out the example here!

7. Veteran’s Day Heart and Poem Bulletin Board

Veteran's Day heart bulletin board

This bulletin board is a touching tribute to the brave veterans and active-duty military members who have dedicated themselves to protecting our nation. Down the center of the bulletin board, you can place a heartfelt poem or message created by your students.

You can also have your students create Veteran’s Day hearts that can be added to the board. The hearts serve as a visual reminder that on Veteran’s Day, our hearts beat in unison with those who sacrificed so much of their freedom! Here is an example!

8. Sweet as a Pumpkin Pie Bulletin Board

pumpkin pie bulletin board

If I can use one word to describe fall, it will be anything pumpkin, especially pumpkin spice lattes! Why not have a pumpkin pie bulletin board for fall?! This adorable bulletin board showcases the essence of fall with vibrant, hand-crafted slices of pumpkin pie that your students can create! Check out the example here!

9. Pumpkin Spice Latte Bulletin Board

Pumpkin spice latte bulletin board

Okay, so I just mentioned I love everything pumpkin and a pumpkin spice latte bulletin board is a must in your classroom! Have students create their pumpkin spice latte cups, add their names, and assemble them to make this bulletin board to celebrate the fall season! Check out the example here!

Easy Fall Lesson Plans for Turk and Runt!

Make sure you also check out this Turk and Runt Reading Lesson Plan Unit, especially if your students love the book, “Turk and Runt” by Lisa Wheeler; they will love these Turk and Runt activities that are specifically built to complement this fun Thanksgiving story! 

Turk and runt lesson plans

November Bulletin Board Ideas

Celebrating the fall season with your students is a cherished opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection to nature, each other, and the world around us. Creating these fantastic bulletin boards is another bonus! Through engaging activities, exploring autumn’s vibrant colors and flavors, and practicing gratitude, you will create memories and inspire a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and change the season brings.

More Fall Fun!

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