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Gingerbread Man and Santa Letters

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Put a fork in me… I’m D.O.N.E! Is teaching always this hard the week before holiday break?! WHEW! 
We’ve been keeping busy… busy… busy! 
We’ve finally finished up our Gingerbread unit and wrote a persuasive letter to the Jolly Man himself! 
First up… our Gingerbread Unit
We started off our unit by reading a classic retelling of , “The Gingerbread Man”. After reading the story, we worked on a retell of the fairy tale using this three tab sheet. 
retelling of gingerbread man

Loved how we went back to the book if we couldn’t remember a detail… 
sequencing of The Gingerbread Man
Our finished products…  

Gingerbread Man Bulletin board

The next day, we read a different version of, “The Gingerbread Man”. This time we read, “The Gingerbread Cowboy” After reading this version, each student got two sticky notes to write one similarity between the stories and one difference. As they finished, they stuck their note under the correct section on our interactive anchor chart. 
compare and contrast fabels
We combed through each sticky to make sure they were organized in the correct section. 
interactive Anchor charts
During our Literacy Centers, the kiddos had a chance to listen to another version of the tale on the Ipads… 
The Gingerbread Man QR code center

using these QR codes. (I’ve just added this listening station to my Gingerbread unit, so if you have it, be sure to re-download!) 

QR code literacy center

Then it was time to write compare and contrast paragraphs of two of our choice versions… 

After reading and comparing on our own, it was time to actually write our own retelling of, “The Gingerbread Man”. Using verbs found in the books as a guide, students wrote their own telling of the classic tale. 
Write your own version of the gingerbread man
Love the flower in the hair on this one! 
own version of the gingerbread man
and don’t be fooled by the length… there are 2 other pages under that sheet! I told you my kids were writers! 
You can grab all these fun gingerbread activities in my Gingerbread unit here! 
We also worked a little on our persuasive writing skills this week while writing a letter to Santa. 
 To complete these, each student chose one special item the wanted for Christmas. It could be anything they wanted, but it only be one. Then they wrote a letter to Santa persuading him to bring that one special item… We finished off this fun little activity with a fun Santa.
 I love that my kids still love getting crafty with this primary teacher at heart!
 You can grab these fun little crafts here in my TpT Store… 
Now I must get going! I just remembered I am suppose to bring 18 gingerbread man cookies for tomorrow’s party and it’s already almost 10 pm! WAAAAYYY past this teacher’s bed time! 

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