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Easy Valentine’s Day Craft and Gift: Heartprint Craft and Poem

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I have to share an oldie-but-a-goodie handprint craft I love doing with my students this time of year! This simple and sweet heart-print craft will surely win the hearts of all your parents and is pretty simple to make! And did I mention there’s a free template for you too? Check it out!

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handprint valentine's day craft

Valentine’s Day Heart Print Handprint Craft and Poem

I love doing this classic as a parent gift for Valentine’s Day! To get started, you’ll need to gather up a few supplies. Most of these things are found on hand in your classroom, but if not, I’ll link to some examples!


  • Large heart template (download the one at the end of this post, or use the large heart die cut hidden in the back of your library!)
  • Heart-print Poem (Grab at the end of this post!)
  • Red, pink, or purple 9 x 12 construction paper
  • White 9 x 12 construction paper
  • Pink, red, or purple tempera paint
  • Medium to large size paint burst
  • Plate or bowl for mixing the paint
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Heart Print Handprint Project

To start, trace and cut out large hearts from the red, pink, or purple paper. In my sample, I used red, but I’ve done different combos over the years, and they always look good!

Then, lightly trace the large heart shape you cut out onto enough white sheets of paper for each student.

Set the colored heart frame aside for later!

Adding the Handprints

handprint art for Valentine's Day

Next, mix up the purple, pink, or red tempera paint with water. You want a slightly thinner consistency. This will allow the paint to spread evenly on your students’ hands and all the sweet wrinkles and divots to show when you make the heart.

To make the heart print, turn the white heart paper over so the point of the heart is facing away from you.

Then, paint the palms of your student.

Carefully press each hand, one at a time. Point the fingers inward to form a loose v- shape. You should see a heart-print shape formed by the handprints like in the sample!

Once the handprints are pressed, lightly add the student’s name to the bottom of the paper and let the paint dry. It should dry after about half a day.

I can usually get 18 kids done in the morning if I’m working quickly.

Heart-print Poem

heartprint handprint valentine's day craft

While the prints are drying, have students carefully copy the Heart-Print poem onto the writing template. I always tell the kids to use their nicest, neatest handwriting! They can color and decorate as they choose.

Frame the Valentine’s Day Craft Project

valentine's day craft

Once the prints are dry, frame the heart print by using the leftover heart cut out. Carefully glue the frame, matching the edges to the white paper.

Then, cut and glue the smaller printed version of the heart-print poem in the bottom corner of the handprint craft. Add the student’s name and the year below if you have space.

heartprint poem for Valentine's day

On the back, have students glue their handwritten version of the poem.

You can laminate it to help preserve it! Voila! Instant sweetness!

Handprint Craft for Valentine’s Day

This handprint Valentine’s Day craft is so simple and sweet! I know your families will love the little gift for Valentine’s Day! Want to grab the template to complete this sweet activity with your students? Sign up below and download it from the Applicious Resource Library!

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