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The perfect activity for the day (or a few days) after Halloween!

SOS-An After Halloween Activity FREEBIE!!


After Halloween Activity
I don’t know about you guys, but I am exhausted AND we’re only two days into the week! Halloween has got my kiddos up in a buzz.  This poor teacher is living off chocolate and Crystal Light Energy! {But mostly chocolate…;)}
As I am expounding all my energy just trying to get through the day, I realized that by the end of the week, this teacher isn’t going to have anymore energy left for the (dreaded) day AFTER Halloween
(Dum, Dum, Dummmmm!).
What’s a girl to do?!

My kiddos are going to be candied up anyway, so why fight it? So, in came this little idea…


On Friday, we’re going to go a graphing activity about our favorite types of candy.

 To get the project going, I am requesting 4 different types of candy from parents (they should be loaded with the stuff by Friday, right?)

(Letter I am sending home)

Chocolate (My Personal Fave)

Like M&M’s and Miniatures!



Like Skittles!


Like Jolly Ranchers or Gobstoppers

Then we’ll group, sample, and graph our favorite candy.We’ll collect our data on our recording sheet.

Now of course, the best part of graphing is actually interpreting the data, so we’ll be using the chart we make to answer questions about the data we collected.

This will hopefully lighten the candy load for parents and lessen the residual candy effects for the next few weeks.  You know- the whole candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until Thanksgiving effects? {Fingers crossed!}

You’re going to want to grab up this emergency SOS (Save Our Sanity) candy lesson! (at least to have as a back up!)  Click here or any of the pictures above to download it for FREE from my TpT store! Best of luck this week!

After Halloween activity to get your kids excited AND get rid of that candy! Yeah for candy graphing!



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