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Using a writing folder to keep student writings organized

Writing Folder FREEBIE

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Using a writing folder to keep student writings organized
Something amazing happened this year… somewhere between learning how to do multiplication and our weekly close reading sessions… My class became writers.
You heard me right…
For realsies, folks. Every time I turn around, my kiddos have notebook paper on their desks and they are writing. They’re writing stories, poems, chapter books, information booklets. I can barely contain my excitement!


I wish  I could pin point the moment it happened. I noticed a surge of enthusiasm rising right after we worked through our “Small Moments” writing unit (which you can read more about here) And they just seemed to take off from there!
student writing folder
So, we needed a place to store all those writings…
In steps this handy little writing folder. Part storage, part resource, but 100% usable and kid friendly.
student writing folder
You can grab it for FREE here in my store!
How cute is that cover? My kiddos got soooo excited for coloring the two cuties and putting their own personal spin on the folder.
Here’s a peek at what’s inside…


On the inside cover we have a pocket for projects we are just starting.
student reference writing folder
We also have reference resources for grabbers and transitions.
The prongs in the middle house 2 more sheets that we place in a page protector. The 6 Traits are a huge focus this year, so there’s a reference for that as well as list of the most commonly misspelled words.
student reference writing folder
On the back of that sheet, we have editing marks to reference while we’re peering editing papers, as well as evidence based terms to help us when we are responding to text.
student writing folder
The back pocket serves as a holder for projects that are almost ready to be edited and published. Above that we have some examples of “zingers” and suggestions for adding supporting details.
The best part?  This morning, I spotted one of cuties working on a piece after she finished her morning work
student writing folder
I also found this little gem tucked away in one of the folders…
non-fiction booklet
Not only does this non-fiction reference book have chapters, it also has text features!


nonfiction student booklet


and the sweetest dedication page!


Apparently that “Applicious Teacher” made quiet a  mark 😉
How do you have students store their writings? Share your tips below!
Using a  writing folder to keep student writings organized

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