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Fun Halloween Activities for second grade.

A {Not so} Spooky Week


Fun Halloween Activities for second grade.
Happy Saturday, guys!
 The hubs took the turkey out today, leaving me home to relax…
LOL! Who am I kidding…? This means I can actually start gettin things ready for next week!
 The week of Halloween is gonna be a big one in the Applicious Classroom! We’ve got LOTS to do… and like usually NEVER enough time to do it!
Here’s a peek at a *few* of the activities we’ll be working on.
Books, books, and MORE books!
These are the books we plan on reading this week.  It is a lot of books, but our “main focus” book for this week is the Common Core exemplar book,  “From Seed to Pumpkin
 Image result for from seed to pumpkin
(You can grab it up here on Amazon!)
We’ll be exploring pumpkins inside and out (literally!) for the week! I can’t wait to have my kiddos make this cute little craftivity later this week- after we carve our class pumpkin, of course!


( Ties in PERFECTLY with our expository writing unit we just started!)
Halloween is even invading our centers! Here’s a few that I am laminating and cutting as we speak!
Luckily, last week, I had a parent help make these UH-Dorbs step books for us!


 After we read about how the Berenstain Bears
(Click here to grab a copy of this book!
and Arthur go “Trick or Treating”,
 we’re going to write about “How to Go Trick or Treating”!
Don’t have either of these books? No problem! Click here to watch Berenstain Bears on Youtube.
Here’s a link to a reading of “Arthur’s Halloween”.
You can grab these activities and more from my {Not so} Spooky Halloween ELA Activities Pack!
We’re also introducing contractions next week. To help us practice, we’ll be playing this candy corned themed math up game!
My kiddos also need some more practice with inferring and using evidence to support their opinion. I made this monster house themed activity to help students practice both!



I know my kiddos will have NO problem working on their inferring and justifying with this!
All these activities {and a few more} are available in my new Halloween ELA pack!
(Click here or the picture to grab this up from my TpT store)
This pack also includes some activities we did last week, like this fun nonfiction writing,
“My Skeleton Holds Me Up!”
After spending the week learning about skeletons (you can read about that here), we wrote about why are bones are important.
Once they finished their writings, they created a mini version of themselves.



 (LOVE the ears!)
Then we stapled the mini me on top of the skeleton.
You can lift the mini me to reveal the bones that hold us up. The best part? My reluctant writers had no clue they were working on non-fiction writing. #sneakattacklearning!
 Now I am off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday! It is a Gorgeous {yes with a capital ‘G’} day here in FL!  Happy Fall!
The perfect activities to keep your second graders engaged and learning for Halloween. So many great Halloween Activities in this post!

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