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Hey everyone!
I am Daina from Sticky Notes & Glitter and I’m super excited to be hosting the Apple a Day Linky while sweet Leigh is out of town!
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Today’s topic is Intervention and what a tricky topic that is!
I’m going to discuss a few different things that I like to use for intervention in my classroom! And I can’t wait to read about what all you use in your classrooms!
First, I would like to talk about a few websites that can be very helpful in regards to intervention resources!
1. http://www.fcrr.org/ – This website is technically for Florida teachers however if you aren’t a Florida teacher you can still find some great activities and resources here!
If you’ve never heard of this website before be sure and check it out! Click on the right hand side where it says “Instructional Materials for Teachers” and it will give you grade level choices. Once you click the grade range you will be provided with PDFs FULL of intervention activities. The activities take a lot of prep time but they are so worth it. The kids enjoy them and they are full of valuable content practice!
2. http://www.interventioncentral.org/ – This website also has great resources! It has Intervention  Planners for Academics and Behaviors an Accommodations Finder and several other great resources!
My favorite feature on this website is the “Featured Tools” section! It has allllll kinds of goodies! A Dolch Wordlist Fluency Generator Early Math Fluency Generator Reading Fluency Passages Generator and so much more! I highly recommend you check it out!
I also use iPad apps to help with intervention (and enrichment)! If you are fortunate enough to have access to iPads in the classroom here’s some apps I highly recommend:
1. ABC Lite – This app is great for low and beginning readers. I used it often with my ESE students this past year and it was very beneficial for them. It has them trace and listen to letters in small increments at a time. It then has them practice the sounds of the letters by having to choose the correct letter to complete a word. Best of all this app is FREE!

2. K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite – We all have readers who struggle with fluency! If you need some serious intervention and practice for fluency then get this app! I love it! It keeps up with the child’s reading list and their progress for each story. It times them allows them to pause the story and will give them a wpm and accuracy once they are finished! I just think it’s awesome and again it’s FREE!

But we don’t just do interventions for reading we have students who struggle with math too. Here’s some math apps I really love for intervention!
1. ScootPad – This app is THE BOMB! It’s not just math either it’s all subjects! What makes this app so great is that it can be individualized to each student. As the teacher you can actually assign specific Common Core objectives to individual students. Once they go through an activity it will show them the correct answers and email you a report once they have completed their assignment! Talk about great intervention! You pick what they work on and get immediate statistical feedback!
Check out this screenshot from the app:
As you can see it’s giving visuals telling them what problem they are on how much time has passed and it also has a button for “listen” to have it read to them! You can also access this awesome-ness on their website if you don’t have an iPad! 🙂
2. Splash Math – This math app is super fun for the children but is great for intervention because you can download the app based on your grade level. The one I linked is for 2nd grade but there’s a 1st grade edition 3rd grade addition and so on! And from my experience last year it is very true to grade level! It is also aligned to CCSS! What makes it so great for intervention is that the assessment part of it adapts to the child. If they struggle greatly in one area it’s going to work on that area with them! There’s a free version of this app however I highly suggest paying the $9.99 for the FULL version which includes a TON of problems! It’s also fun because students can build their own aquarium as a reward for working hard!
This is a screenshot of all of the areas the 2nd grade version works on.
Though websites and apps are wonderful intervention is obviously a huge undertaking that involves time with the teacher! This is what I use my small group time for. Tracking your data correctly is sooo important for intervention because without that you are wasting precious time by not working on exactly what that child needs extra support in. I look at my data and sort the children into groups of 1-4 students who need work on the same skill. I may have 3 children working on comprehension 4 children on fluency 2 children on sight words 4 more on phonemic awareness and so on. By breaking my groups down that small it allows me to really pinpoint the exact needs of those children and to tailor my activities to them.
The FCRR website I mentioned above in this post is one of my main go-to places for intervention activities. I use those FCRR activities constantly BECAUSE they are so specific to student needs. I was lucky enough to have a parent volunteer prepare all of the activities for me. They were laminated cut rubber banded and placed in manila envelopes. The activity sheet with the topic and instructions is adhered to the front of the manila envelope. I then place the envelopes in a filing cabinet by topic. All of the fluency activities are on blue paper and in the top drawer. All of the comprehension activities are on green paper and in the second drawer and so on. That allows me to pull an activity at a moments notice and because I know which skill each child needs I can quickly have those children come meet with me and get started.
I hope that this post has given you some new ideas and resources!
I have really enjoyed hosting today and sure hope that you will link up too!
I love reading comments too!
Lastly I hope that you will come visit me at my blog as well!



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