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An Apple a Day- Supplies and Organization

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This week’s focus…
Supplies and Organization 
First up…


I know I am not the only teacher who gets a rush when the new school supply ads come out.
 I <3 school supplies! Here’s how I keep all those fresh goodies “organized” in my classroom.
I am a firm believer in communal supplies for the classroom. On the first day of school I take the first 30 minutes of the day to collect and organize supplies. Each type of supply goes into it’s own labeled draw in the back of classroom.

This makes it easy to grab supplies as we go through them…. which is always WAY TOO FAST!

I keep a caddy of supplies at the students’ tables as well.

This houses student’s pencils, crayons, glue, and scissors.

 I send home any extra or special supplies that students bring in (fancy markers, crayon boxes, etc)

This system works well for me.  I can easily do a quick inventory of what we have when ordering supplies or if parents ask, “What do you need?”

Now on to…. Organization

I couldn’t live without my classroom labels! They are all over my room!

THIS is how I stay organized. It also helped my maternity leave sub navigate my room with ease.
(Don’t worry, I am working on making them pretty!)

But I do have a dirty little secret…

My classroom library…

Every year I organize and reorganize this darn bookshelf!

Currently it is sorted by genre…Can’t you tell?? LOL!

This year I want it to look like this

(drool worthy photo courtesy of Crazy for Kinder)
Look how organized! #sojelly!
So my goal this year is to reorganize my books and bins. Here’s the plan!
I want to tag each book with:
This “tag” will correspond with the book bin and *hopefully* eliminate the, “I’ll throw this here…” issue I had this year… (even after SEVERAL lessons on how to use our bookshelf!)

To level all my books, I am using this handy little app
 all I have to do is scan the ISBN and it should give me the lexile, DRA, RL, and LOTS of other info!
and to organize and create an “inventory”, I am using this lil’ guy
Classroom Organization
I am hoping that by making an inventory, I could have students check out books and check back in books if they take them home… 
Now, I just need to get in my classroom to be able to organize! LOL! Be sure to check out all these other fabulous bloggers and their organizational tips and tricks!

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