Homework! Oh Homework! An Apple a Day Linky Party

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Today’s focus is the H-word….

 Now, I know *most* kiddos are not huge fans of this practice, but it is such a great reinforcement of the ideas taught from the week. 
That is why I keep homework brief and level appropriate.
To help students (and parents) stay organized, my team and I order these wonderful DURABLE pocket Communicator folders from Nicky’s Folders. 

We get them every year, and they last! 
Here’s what I put in them…
On Monday, they receive a homework sheet that shows what their homework assignments are for the week. They go in the handy front view pocket so students can see it every time they pull out their folder.

At the beginning of last year they looked like this and included our spelling words for the week. 
But, with the transition to Common Core and my district’s push for a more “authentic”  phonics based routine… I later modified them to look like this
As you can see, I have students complete a spelling (or phonics page) and a math page each night. They write this in our school provided planners as part of our morning routine. Students are also expected to read for 20 minutes each evening and document it on their reading logs.

(click the picture to download my reading log for FREE!) 
I  sometimes sprinkle in fluency practice pages or research projects, but usually I keep the homework routine predictable.  
To help bring home our more authentic way of teaching phonics patterns (to learn more click here), I’ve created a Homework Menu of fun and engaging phonics activities for students to complete. 

 ( You can grab this up by clicking here!)
Students choose from one of eight activities to complete each night and return the sheet signed on Friday. This pack has six weeks worth of phonics activities for students to complete.  
 Some of the choices included are websites, word making, or writing. 
What’s not included: writing your spelling words three times each.
I’ve designed this pack to work in my classroom so you will find it paces well with the Macmillan Treasure’s Reading Series. 
As the year progresses, I will uploading weeks 7-36. Be sure to “follow me” so you will know as soon as those are posted!
Students also complete a math practice page that I pull from our math series. On the back we print the enrichment page so students ALWAYS have the option to challenge themselves. 
Here’s how they get it…
Can I tell you how much I <3 my mailboxes!? Makes my life sooo much easier! No more paper passing parties. Students are responsible for coming to their mailbox and getting their passed back work and homework. LOVE IT!
Mine was a hand-me-down, but you can check out these other Classroom Mailboxes!

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to my dear friend, Tamara from Mrs. Russell’s Room.

She is celebrating her one year bloggerversary this week! Swing by her blog this week for a chance to win daily prizes and grab up freebies!

Be sure to check out how these other fabulous bloggers handle homework in their classrooms! Or link up and tell us about your routine!

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