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An Apple a Day Linky Party- Small Group Style!

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So this week’s theme for my “An Apple a Day” Linky Party is small group instruction
Small group time is essential in any classroom. It is a great way to really focus in on specific skills for your students.
 I do two small group sessions a day,one for Reading and one for Math.
Here’s the LD on my center instruction for Reading.
I keep it simple in the Langton Classroom. I have three groups and three centers.  This allows me to see ALL my students everyday (which I LOVE!!!)
 We go through three-20 minute sessions.
Here’s what we’re doing during that time:

 (please don’t judge the mess in these pics. this is a REAL working classroom! ;))

With me, students are working on phonics, fluency, and comprehension. I like to keep my groups flexible and  so I may not teach phonics that week depending on what I see at the beginning of the week from my phonics instruction activities. 
I also LOVE doing “book reports” in my small group time.
 Now, really it is just a time for students to read self selected books (that are on or slightly above their level) and for us to do some closed reading activities. But somehow second graders think doing a “book report” is the COOLEST THING EVA’, so I call it a book report. 😉 
(You can grab a cute FREE book craftivity here that I do as a summative activity once they have completed reading their book )
Independent Work

Independent work is seat work that has been leveled for the 3 specific groups. Students are expected to complete this work on their own, but are allowed to ask members from their group for help if needed. It is important in second grade to build independent learners.
Treasures (Group Work)
Now treasures is a skill related group work center. Students could be playing a game with contractions, or doing word work. They could also do a writing activity, or even a buddy read. I love the flexibility of this center and since I do rotations everyday, students can do 4-5 different activities here every week! Technology is my friend and I have been known to through a computer game in this center that is done up front on the overhead projector. 
Now onto Math…
My math center time is a *bit* different. It is more relaxed and student centered.
After I teach a whole group lesson and students have completed their independent work, they can go and choose a math center tub to complete. I use center contracts so that students can use to keep track of what tubs they have already done. 
(click the picture and grab this baby for FREE!) 
This gives me time to continue to pull students individually or in groups for intervention or enrichment. The tub activities change every week and are an extension of the learning target for math. I try to make them all some sort of interactive activity, like clocks, flash cards, and games. 
As you can see my center chart is *bit* dated, so I have TOTALLY snazzy-ed up my center chart and math tubs with chevron to match my new classroom management pack!

 I will have both on sale until Weds of this week! 
Be sure to check out how your other favorite bloggers manage their small group!

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