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Animals, Discussion Cards, and a 100th Day FREEBIE!

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What a week! I know the rest of the country’s been covered in snow and even though it hasn’t snowed where I’m located in the beautiful sunshine state, we might as well had a “snow day” as it’s been sooooo cold! 
 But even with the below norm temperatures, we’ve been keeping warm this week by diving in to animals! Our reading story this week is “Splish, Splash, Animal Baths”
(Click here or the pic to check this book out on Amazon)
The kiddos LOVE this book. But then again, what 8 year old doesn’t love animals? LOL! After reading the story, we combed back through to find information from the text on how each animal “gets clean”. We recorded our findings on this chart. 
So simple, yet soooo effective in teaching the kiddos how to take notes! (speaking of note-taking… keep reading to hear more on that!) 
Then (because I took an ISN training and I really liked some of the ideas) we cut, folded, and glued the chart into our Reading Response Journals. 
We used the chart to write a response to the question. “Animals get clean in different ways. Choose two animals from your text and compare how they get clean. Use evidence you gathered from the text in your answer.”
Here’s a few shots of how they looked in our RRJ’s.
Keeping with our “Animals” theme, we’ve also been working out of Holly’s, from Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade, Non-fiction Writing Unit. 
(Click here or the pic to check out here blog post on it! :))
After choosing our animals, we set to work researching information for our animal fact book. The students used non-fiction reference books that they checked-out from the library to gather facts-ON STICKIES- and put them in the correct information “parking lot”.  

Today, I was able to score a few computers from our roving computer lab so we could use the internet to find some more information. 
Some of our favorite kid friendly sites were:

Teacher note: BEFORE we even began our research, we had a LONG discussion on “reputable websites” and internet safety. Also, to help keep the internet chaos under wraps, I only had 6-7 students on the computer compiling facts at a time. I find this helped make allowing 8 year-olds surf the internet less stressful. 
As our temperature’s been dropping, our talking is on the rise! With my BIG observation around the corner, I couldn’t have any of that, so I created some Common Core Discussion Cards to help! 
Figured if I can’t beat ’em, join ’em!
Now at least when they are talking it will be with academic purpose and accountability! LOL!
You can check these out at my TpT Store here
Tomorrow is our 100th Day of school. Now, I am gonna level with you… I am not a huge “100th Day” person… I mean our first grade team dresses up like little old ladies and the whole nine yards…but that’s not my style (I’m just happy I remember to brush my hair in the morning, let alone dress up ;)) But I did whip up a fun math game for my kiddos to play!
We’ve been working on our mental math strategies for like ever, so I thought finding the parts of a 100 would be a SUPER fun and educational way to celebrate!  Plus, did I mention I have mathematicians in my room? Seriously people… THEY LOVE math! Anywho, so I made a few cards and laminated them. 
To play the game, each student will get a number card. Then, they will walk around the room and find the card that will help them make a 100.  They can use mental math or spot check their pair by using scrap paper. This could easily be used as a center (which is where this baby will probably end up next week)   I know my kiddos will <3 this game because it gets them up outta their seat, stretch their brain, and a chance to work with their friends. You can grab this game for FREE here. In the download, I’ve also included another versions of this game so you can differentiate based on your student’s needs.  
That’s what we’ve been up to so far this week! We sure to stop back by tomorrow… I’ve got an AWESOME announcement I am sure you won’t want to miss! Let’s say around… 5? See you then! 

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