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Character Traits with Horrible Harry and the Scientific Method


We’ve finished our second week of school! The best part? We’re finally settling into a nice routine. It’s been stressful to say  the least…
To take off the edge, I’ve started running again…
But, I’m excited to see how far I can take my big third graders!
We’ve dived right into our curriculum! This week, we used “Horrible Harry in Room 2B” as a mentor text for character traits.
Now, I know this book is a *little* young for my kiddos. But, I wanted to use it as an “introduction” to the series. We HAD to start with the first book to introduce the kiddos to the ever horrible but likable Harry. He is such a great character! #slightOCD
Before diving into the text, we discussed what a character is and how their actions tell us more about them.
We used these pages from Nicole Shelby’s 3rd Grade Interactive Notebook to take a few notes in our RRJ’s…
character traits interactive notebook
Then we got to reading. The kiddos LOVED the scene when Harry makes Song Lee scream. It sets the scene perfectly for conversation on why Harry is sooooo horrible.
After reading the second chapter, we worked a little on sequencing and retelling in our own words. We used our RRJ again for a quick retell.
retell of Horrible Harry in interactive notebook
On Thursday, we finished the book and filled out a character traits and action bubble map.
character traits bubble map Horrible Harry
You can grab this Character traits graphic organizer as part of my Reading Graphic Organizer pack for FREE here
character traits bubble map freebie
We glued it into our RRJ’s for safe keeping.
On Friday, we used what we had read about Harry for a little character writing project.  I loved this idea from Amy Lemons!
Horrible Harry writing activity
Students decided if they thought Harry was really horrible or not. We used the evidence they collected from the character bubble map to help support our answers.
horrible harry writing activity
horrible harry writing activity
I didn’t get a chance to use Amy’s tracers because of time, but you can check out her post here.
In addition to becoming HUGE Horrible Harry fans (don’t you just LOVE it when that happens!) , we also worked on the Scientific Method this week. After reading and discussing the steps scientists take to find answers to their questions, we watched this fun video.


(How funny are these two teachers?!)
Then, we created a reference page in our Science notebooks.
Under each tab, we wrote a little bit more about each step and what scientists are doing when they work through the process.
You can grab this science notebook FREEBIE here. There’s a few other science goodies in there too for you! 🙂
Use this Scientific method interactive student notebook freebie as a way to introduce students to the steps!
Now, I’m off to clean the house! Boo! 😉

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  1. This is amazing!! Thank you so much for the freebie! I can't wait to use this! We're working with Horrible Harry next week and I loved reading your ideas.

  2. love love love …and stealing…all the ideas… 😉 And a special thanks for the scientific method freebie…that was on my to do list to make but now I don't have to.

  3. Love the idea for using Horrible Harry for a character traits study. We will be studying characters a lot in 3rd grade and Harry is a good character to use for it. Also thanks for sharing the scientific method notebook sheet. Will definitely be using that.

    I Heart Teaching Elementary

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all of these incredible freebies! I homeschool my 2nd grader and we are almost finished reading Horrible Harry and the Green Slime. My son (and me as well!) will love these activities! 🙂 Lauren

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