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BTS Rewind- Meet the Teacher

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Ok, so we may *technically* be in our second week of school, but I wanted to share my “Meet the Teacher” day with you! So we’ll just call this little post a “Back to School Rewind”. 😉


Setting up for Meet the Teacher
Now, I don’t know about you, but I just absolutely <3 Meet the Teacher day!  I love meeting my kiddos for the first time and meeting their parents. You just learn so much about them in such a short span! In my district, Meet the Teacher usually occurs the the Friday day before school starts and it’s just a time for kids (and parents!) to see their new classroom, find their desk, and of course meet the teacher they’ll have that year!
This year was a wee bit different and scary for me… (to see why, you can check out this post!) But I got through it successfully!
On the table towards the back of my classroom, I placed a few piles of papers for parents that they could fill out as they came in.
Setting up for Meet the Teacher
On the clip boards I have places for parents to sign in, sign up, and papers for them to fill out.
Here’s a closer look:
1.  A sign in sheet for parents. This was provided by my school and had to be turned back in.
Meet the Teacher Sign in sheet for parents
Here’s a peek at a similar one!
2.  A sign up form for parent volunteers
volunteer sign up form
3.  A general sign up sheet for conferences. These are not actual dates of conferences, but general days and times for when parents are available to conference so I can use it as a reference through out the year. This spares me the several conference requests because parents are unavailable.
parent teacher conference sign up form
4. This is a sign up for using the app, Remind (formally Remind 101) Parent communication is so important to me. I love the idea of being able to send quick messages to my parents through text!
remind 101 sign up
5. Student Information Sheet- I have parents fill this out and I keep it in each student’s personal folder for quick reference through out the year.
student information sheet
It seems like a lot… but I promise it’s not and it helps keep me organized and in touch with parents for the rest of the year. This table also acts as a buffer so I can easily mingle with students and parents as they move in.  You can find ALL those forms and soooo much more in my School Forms and Checklist pack!
On the desk for the kiddos, I put out a classroom scavenger hunt that they can work on
to help familiarize themselves with our classroom.
Meet the Teacher gifts for students
You can grab a similar one here in my School Forms and Check lists pack! Did I mention it’s editable?
Once they’ve finished their scavenger hunt, they can have their little treat from me! I love this gift idea! So easy: just fill a treat bags with Star-burst and attach the sweet “Bursting” Tag.
bursting student gift tags for meet the teacher
You can grab this for FREE here!
On the middle table, I put out an area for parents to fill out an envelope with their address so I can send a good note home through out the year.
My parents loved this idea and I can’t wait to start sending home a few every week! You can grab the sign I used here!
and that’s how I got through my “Meet the Teacher”… Oh and LOTS of smiling and shaking of hands! 😉

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