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Whether the Weather: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

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Do you remember the story, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs“?
Of course you do, it is my favorite as well!
(click the pic to see this on Amazon)
We recently had a chance to use this timeless classic (and motion picture as I was reminded several times) for a close read that we used in conjunction with the nonfiction text, “Super Storms“.
We had so much fun with these two stories, I just had to share some of the activities we completed!
We first started out reading “Super Storms“. The kiddos LOVED learning about the severe weather. After reading the text, they used the information gathered to create a 3 tab fold-able discussing the storms and why each storm was dangerous.
Here’s what the inside of this printable looked like!
You can grab this FREEBIE here at my TpT Store.
Later in the week, we read, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. We used this fantasy weather story to compare the weather in Chewandswallow and the weather we experience here in Florida. Perfect for our RRJ’s!
Loved their pictures!


Now, of course the meatballs had to make their way into our center time, so I made a word sort for our phonics pattern of the week. The kiddos loved sorting the words onto the correct spaghetti plate!
You can grab this on TpT here. I made the file editable so you can change the sorting pieces to fit your lessons.
As a culminating activity, we read the sequel, “Pickles to Pittsburgh”.
Then, we used all our new found understanding of weather to write an opinion piece. Students had to write if they would prefer the weather we have here (regular) or Chewandswallow weather.
After writing their opinion piece and providing LOTS of details to support their position, I snapped pics of the kiddos standing in their “weather”.   I trimmed out the pics and glued them onto a blue sheet of paper with their writings. Students used white drawing paper to illustrate the weather around them, cut it out and glued them on to make a collage affect.
Here’s a few pics of my faves!
Standing on the Jell-o sunset!
Eating the raining spaghetti and meatballs.
PS- Do you see THAT GRABBER?! #Proudteachermoment!
Trying not to get squished by a giant hamburger


Here are a few others that turned out cute!
We ended our weather filled unit with watching the movie rendition of “Cloudy with a Chance”.
I think I may have won Teacher of the Year for that one! 😉


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