Five for Friday… The Exhausted Teacher Way…


I am serious guys… I don’t know how I made it to Friday. 
Why is it that the week back from a break is always the hardest? This week was especially gruesome due to some not so fun SAT-10 testing we did… 
Because we spent half the week testing and the other half veggie, I figured this hodge-podege of a week was a perfect post for Doodle Bug’s Five for Friday!
So here are my five randoms…
1. Jack Hartmann Concert

On Monday we were lucky enough to have THE Jack Hartmann come and perform for our K-2 group.  The kids had a blast and loved getting down with this kindergartner version of a rock star! 
2. Gearing Up for the Big Test… Henry and Mudge Style 
and a little last minute math crunch…

I could tell my little seconds were a bit tense before taking their first BIG test (or maybe it was their teacher). 
Anywho… I thought a little Henry and Mudge would put their little worried hearts as ease. 
So read how Mudge got ready for his big test. After reading, we took to our RRJ.  The kiddos did a a quick write on whether they preferred to take the SAT-10 or Mudges’ test and why. 
 This kiddo said yes to Mudge’s Test…I wanted to lay down too! 
This sweetie would rather take the SAT-10… interesting… 🙂 
We also took advantage of those last precious moments before our testing to review some math concepts. 
Boy, was I glad that we took the time to learn how to use those testing rulers! The kiddos rocked the measurement portion of the assessment! Woop! You can grab this little measurement freebie here!
3. April Fool’s! 

Tuesday was our first day of testing and I didn’t dare mess with our calm and collected testing mojo with a silly April Fool’s joke in the am. 
But the afternoon was a totally different ball game! 
I brought in some of my special oatmeal chocolate chip They are “special” because they are somewhat healthy (made with unsweetened applesauce and brown rice flour) and delicious! Before I passed out the cookies, I told the kiddos that I had been doing some research and found  a very interesting article about using a certain ingredient to help aid in brain restoration. I told them I added the ingredient to the cookies to help them recover from a long day of testing. As I plopped one in my mouth, I told them the special ingredient was cockroach bodies. The looks and gags were fabulous! 😉 One student even commented that bugs are protein and that they were delicious (Survior Man fan?) In the end, we all ate cookies to a choir of giggles. It also gave me a great writing lesson model for when we worked on the writing cradft “LOL! My Silly Jokes”

4. Testing….1…2…3…

Tuesday: Test… Wednesday: Test…. Thursday: Test…
My saving grace was these fun “Einstein Exercise” cards we used during our breaks.  They were prefect to whip out and get our bodies re-energized for another ’bout of testing. Think of them as brain-breaks but without the use of “electronic devices”. 
5. It’s About Time

It is hard to keep eight year olds engaged and learning after extended periods of time testing… so today in math we reviewed time and made these fun “Telling Time Clocks”

To make them, each kiddo got 2 paper plates, a brad, a blue and red crayon, and clock hands. 
Together we labeled the hours on the first plate in red and cut hour tabs. 
Then, we took the second plate and put it behind the hour plate. We lifted each tab and wrote the 5 minute intervals underneath. 
Once both plates were complete, we finished off the clocks with clock hands (red-hour, blue-minute) and used a brad to keep it all together. It was an “Ah-Ha!” moment for those kiddos were were still struggling with telling time to the five minutes. They had a blast challenging each other to tell the time and check their answers. 
Whew! I am thoroughly wiped out this week! You would have thought that I was testing! But, atlas… a teacher mommy’s job is never done. It’s time to make dinner and get my turkey to bed! 🙂 


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