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Finding Your Teacher Voice on Nov. 4th


Unless you live under a rock (ok… or stay away from the internet), you’ve seen, read, heard about all the bad publicity teachers and the overall educational realm are receiving these days…

Whether’s it an influential and well established magazine or a state’s governor, it seems people are on an educational witch hunt and teachers are being burned at the stake!

Well… I’m here to tell you… I think it’s time for us teachers to find and use our “Teacher Voice”

You know its power..  One little change in your voice and it can…

Turn wiggly/giggle lines into pin straight and perfect order. 
Show the dismay of an offense without the raise of a single decibel. 
Bring 25 out of control five-year-olds to a screeching halt. 
We know the power of our voice in the classroom. Now it’s time to find our voice in the political arena.  
It’s time for teachers to stand up for what is right. 
It’t time for teachers to help bring about change. 
Yes… there is a lot wrong with today’s education. I spent the past 4 days with educators from around the country and was appalled to hear how some teachers are treated  and what we’re being blamed for in certain states. 
Yes… there’s a lot “broken” with our educational system. 
But why is all the blame being placed on teachers? Why are we allowing the blame to be place on our shoulders? Why are we allowing this “broken” educational system to continue? 
Teachers,  let’s put away the excuses and work together to change this. I know you are only one person. Very rarely can one person make a dent, but if we form a united front, we can help improve education. Who better understands education than an educator?
So how can we make sure our “teacher’s voice” is heard?  It’s a simple answer, really. All we have to do is make a little bit of spare time on November 4th and VOTE! 
Now, I am by no means a political person. (I am actually a registered Independent.) I am not going to stand here  and tell you how to vote on your state’s top issues, but I do want to urge 
you to actually vote. 
Take the time to learn more about the different amendments being proposed. The only thing worse than not voting at all is not taking the time to be an educated voter!  I remember one year, in the county I teach, the half penny sales tax was up for extension.  Voters only saw money being drained from their pockets (.005 worth) and voted it down. They didn’t see how this nominal tax was supporting local education in the form of extra curricular activities and support staff. Moral of the story? Read about the different amendments and how they will affect your community! 
Also, take the time to research candidates. Try to understand their view of education. Make sure it matches your beliefs. Make an effort to watch your local debates if available (What else could you do while you grade all those “rigorous” papers? ) 
One teacher’s voice may not be heard over a crowd, but ALL of our voices? That’s a powerful force to be reckoned with. 
One that will surely make an impact. Or at the very least, cause a few misbehaving bureaucrats to  straighten up! 😉 

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5 Responses

  1. I agree that all too often we find ourselves inside of the teacher box… and it's hard to break free from the expectations in order to say and do what you believe in. However, we don't just set the example for our students 8 hours a day, 180 days a year. We set the example all of the time (even when they're not looking). Thank you for the encouragement to continue speaking up.

  2. You couldn't be more 'right-er'! 🙂 If teachers truly understood the power of their vote…some of what is currently happening would not be! I'm all about voting…and I'm SO GLAD that you've called on others to participate! 😉 Great post! 🙂 XOXO

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