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Oh My Word!!!!???!! Where has the time gone? It is already the last week of school! 
I just wanted to pop in and share some of the activities we’ll be doing for the last week of school! 
We’ll go day by day to keep it organize!

Oh Monday, funday… that’s how that goes right? 😉 First thing Monday morning, we’ve got our parent presentation of, “Science Rocks! A Journey through 2nd Grade Science”. We’ve been practicing our little hearts out for the past 6 weeks for this presentation. I am supppper excited for our parents to finally see all our hard work come to life! 
After our presentation, I’m inviting parents back to the classroom for some refreshments, pictures, and a mini award ceremony. I’m using these cute awards from Foxwell Forest
End of the Year Awards
I printed out the black-line version of these onto colorful paper. I loved how I was able to perfectly match each award to a student’s personality or strength in our classroom. I can’t wait to give them out! Did I mention they are animal themed, so they work perfectly for younger kiddos and big kids too? 
After all the commotion is over in the am, we’ve got academics planned for the pm! 
Scholastic had, “The Chocolate Touch” on sale for a $1 in last month’s book club catalog.
 I went ahead a purchased a class set and will be including that as an “End of the Year” gift to my students. But to get students started in on the book a little early, we’ll be using it as a read allowed for the rest for the rest of the week. 
We’ll be using some activities from CreateTeachShare‘s “The Chocolate Touch Reading Packet”+
Click here to check this FREEBIE out! 
and this pack from Nicole Shelby!
The Chocolate Touch Book Activities and Lapbook Templates

After all the hustle and bustle from Monday, I’ll be happy to see Tuesday. 
We’ve been working on filling up our summer buckets to use over the summer. You can read a little bit more about those here
On Tuesday, we’ll be adding our self-checking Basic Fact Flash Cards

I have some kiddos ready to make multiplication flash cards instead, so they’ll be making these
If you want to send home some EASY to make flash cards, you can grab those at my TpT store by clicking the links above. Need both sets? Click here

Tuesday also begins our “Fun Day” Activities. Last week I sent home a letter to parents detailing events for this up coming week. 
You can grab this letter in an editable version here for FREE! Use it for your upcoming last week of school, or save it for next year! 
For reading, we’ll continue to read, “The Chocolate Touch”
Tuesday is also scheduled to be “Game Day”. I’m following an “earn a reward” style system with these fun days similar to Amy Lemon’s paper chain idea. You can read about that idea here.
If students are able to spell out “Board Games” by making good choices as a class, we’ll have an afternoon of fun playing the games students brought in! This will be a perfect time for the teacher to get some of those last days of school items finished up!

For us, Wednesday are usually early days, and the last week of school is no exception. We’ll continue through our “Chocolate Touch” read aloud and hopefully work on the Nicole’s Lap book.   
This week, we’ll also be working through my “Our National Monuments” Tour pack
Monuments are not formally in our curriculum, but I love using Google Earth as a way to show the students parts of our Great Nation! You can read more about that here!  
Our fun activity reward for Wednesday is “Buddy Day”, if by the afternoon students can spell out “Buddy Read” with their awesome choices, we’ll have a read-a-thon with a special buddy from home! 

The second to last day of school is usually a pretty challenging one. I figured we’d wrap up our read aloud (I don’t want to finish the ENTIRE book and ruin the ending! LOL! I want them to actually read it over the summer!) Plans for Thursday will also include getting ready for summer with some lemonade writing from this pack
Here’s a peek at the craft we’ll make…
This week for science, I thought it’d be fun to do a little non-fiction unit on Bugs. In years past, I’ve usually done Ocean Animals the last week of school, but oceans is a very common theme at our school, so I thought I’d change things up a bit and pull in some bug fun! We’ll be working out of Leslie’s Bug pack!
Buggin' Out with Bugs!
Our reward for the afternoon is a Pizza Party! We’re spelling “Pizza Party” for that one!

Friday is the last day of school for the kiddos. It’ll be a tear soaked day even though teachers still have to come back on Monday and Tuesday for post-planning. If I play my cards right, those will be “easy” days to get organized for next year. 
Friday will be dedicated to making Father’s day crafts, cleaning out our desks, and finishing any odds and ends from the week. We’ll also work on this fun end of the year memory craft.
This is part of my “School Day’s” Memory book pack. You can check that out here
Our reward for the day? An Ice Cream party with a movie viewing of “A Bug’s Life” to sum up our Insects unit! 
That about sums up our last week of school! Be back later this week to share what I’ve made as a “Thank you” gift for my parent volunteers. How many more days do you have left?!

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