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Why I Broke Up with my Clip Chart

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You know that expression, “If mama aint’ happy, then nobody happy”? 
I feel this way about my school life. If things aren’t gellin’ in my school domain, it’s hard to make all the other parts of my life fall into place. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only teacher who feels that way, right? #reassuringnods
Well folks… this teacher ain’t happy. Some how we’ve gotten some B.A.D jue-jue in our classroom. I can’t quite put my finger on when it started, but it is in full swing and it’s causing this teacher strife and heartache! 
If you read my last post, you saw that we really struggled with math centers.  
math center tubs
In the end, we were able to turn it around. But folks, it is an everyday reminder and an everyday battle. 
Behavior, attitude, diligence, you name it, we have an opportunity for growth! 
I tried to use my clip-chart to reward my sweethearts and encourage better choices from my other friends….
Didn’t work…
Then, I tried to ‘punish’ my not so good choice making friends with moving clips and loss of privileges. 
That was a HUGE didn’t work…
Students yelling, clips flying… Oy-Vay! 
It didn’t seem what I did, say, didn’t do, didn’t say… we just couldn’t settle down, turn the attitude off, or be respectful of the learning enviroment. This teacher had enough. If the clip-chart wasn’t working, then we won’t continue with the clip chart! 
no more clip chart
TEARS! I love that clip chart! 🙁
Out with the clip chart and in with…
If you’re not familiar with this online program, here’s a quick run down! 
Each student is assigned a little avatar monster. Students can earn points and loose points based on their choices through out the day. What you do with the points is up to the teacher. 
Now, using this program eliminated the slamming, throwing, and destroying of clips. It also provided a fun goal and way to reward students even if they were having a rough day, but were making an effort. 
We’re in the early stages of it, but so far it’s helping. Not perfect by any shot, but helping. 
I know that any long term behavior management system also needs a proactive piece. That’s why I am also starting, “The Leader in Me” program in my classroom.
 My hope is Class Dojo will provide the extrinsic awards some of my little thirds so desperately need and using “The Leader in Me” program will help create more proactive and successful students. Fingers crossed! 
Now, I’m off to say some more prayers and ask God for more patience and understanding. I am sure there’s a reason I have these sweeties in my classroom. 

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