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Measuring Mass and a Fun Math App

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Whew! It’s been a busy week, I just *HAVE* to share all the measurement fun we’ve had these past few weeks! Last week, I shared how we worked through understanding capacity like scientists. Then, we were ready to move on to mass!

Measuring Mass: Building Background

To start, we discussed the units of measurement scientists use to measure the mass, or amount of matter in an object. I used these posters as a reference.
mass reference posters

Measuring Mass: Real World Connections

Once we understood grams and kilograms, we did some hands on exploring!

measuring hands on activities
As guided practice, students estimated and measured various items using a gram scale. I put the students in teams of 3 to 4 and each group got a recording sheet and items to measure. Then they were off! Some simple ones we measured: a paperclip, a book, and a rock.  You can grab the recording sheet and all the other activities we used here!
 grams and kilograms activities
Then, the students explored a little bit more and measured items they chose…
hands on activities for exploring mass
How much does that bear weigh anyway…? 😉 Once we had a handle on what each unit really equated too, students worked in their teams to fill out this foldable on grams and kilograms.
grams or kilograms foldable

Measuring Mass: Making Reasonable Estimates

 The next day, we were ready to start making some reasonable estimates of the mass of objects.
reasonable estimates for grams and kilograms
Once again, I brought out the paperclip and the reading book to use as a point of reference as students worked through their activity.
Help students better understand how to measure mass through these guided exploration ideas! Love that she split her class into teams!

Measuring Mass: World Problems

Finally, we were ready to work on solving word problems dealing with mass. I used this sheet as an easy grade!
grams and kilograms word problems
We also wanted to explore the tools you would use to measure certain objects. Once again, I had my tables work together to come up with objects they could measure using a scale and a liter jug.
choose the right tool when measuring
 Love that this student not only listed but made pictures as reference. Anytime you can bring a little creativity to math is awesome in my book!
which tool to measure
You can grab all these activities in my “How Much… Mass and Capacity” pack.

Thinking Blocks Math App

Now, before I wrap up this post and start enjoying the first day of my Spring Break, I have to share a really cool math app with you!
thinking blocks app
If you teach grades 2-5, you NEED this app. It teaches students how to use models to solve word problems. There are versions for multiplication, division, fractions, and even simple addition and subtraction. We explored with this app all this week during our math centers, and the kids were hooked! You can check out more on those apps here! Oh and did I mention it is FREE!? Yeah… SCORE!

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