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All About Me Poster- Perfect for the first week of school! TheAppliciousTeacher.com

All About ME Poster Freebie

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How do you get to know your students at the beginning of the year? Me boxes? Me Reports? Me Posters?  For ME… pun intended, I like to use the last option, ME Posters!

All About Me Poster- Perfect for the first week of school! TheAppliciousTeacher.com

These easy to do posters are a Back to School MUST for my beginning of the year routine. I usually send them home as a first week of school homework.
They are super “at home” friendly… as students can basically use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to decorate them. I also like this routine because I am not worried about sending home special or important things that students have brought in (which sometimes happens with the  Me boxes)

Materials Needed for All About Me Posters

To make the posters, all you need is:

  • 12 x 18 tag board (or old file folder)
  • ME printouts (End of this post!) 
  • marker
  • scissors
  • -12 x 18 construction paper (color of your choice)

How To Make All About Me Poster

First, print out the M and E cutouts. You can grab the printable for free by signing up for The Applicious Resource Library at the end of this post! 
how to make a "Me" poster for back to school
Then, trim them out. Place the two letters side by side to create one continuous “ME”.


Me poster tracer
Trace the two printouts onto the tagboard or file folder. Then cut out the file folder.


ME poster tracer
This will give you a “ME” tracer. Now you’re ready to trace the “ME” shape onto your choice of construction paper. I like blue, but I’ve used black in the past and it really makes the decorations POP!

Perfect First Week of School Homework

Now, they are ready to send home! Students can decorate them using magazine clippings, photos, or drawings. They can fill it with things that represent them: Favorite food, movie, hobbies…


Me Poster
This year, I had a student attach her favorite pair of “fishin’ glasses” cuz she loves to go bass fishin’. #nothinglikelivinginthesouth
All About Me Poster- great for a back to school getting to know you activity. Includes free printable TheAppliciousTeacher.com #backtoschool #meposter #allaboutme

Sharing Our All About Me Posters with the Class

As students bring their posters in, we share them at the end of the day. This is the perfect time to start working on our Speaking and Listening Standards (Thank you Common Core!) After a student shares, we take three questions to help understand the students more. Any more questions and we’d never move on! Seconds are very inquisitive! LOL!
Finally, I hang them up on the blinds for the first few weeks. I love that it adds a “kids are here” feel to the room right from the first week of school.
All About Me Poster Freebie- TheAppliciousTeacher.com #backtoschool #allaboutmeposter

All About Me Poster Download


Want to try this little project for yourself? You can download this file by signing up for The Applicious Resource Library! This little resource is in there along with other great just for your resources for back to school and beyond!  The download includes directions, tracers, and a letter to send home explaining the project.

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