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apple poem freebie

Apples Poem Craftvitiy!

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Just a quick post today! I wanted to share with you a quick and fun apple craft we are working on this week. To help us get into the fall spirit (even if the weather’s not cooperating…) we’re working on a *few* apple things this week. You’ll love this apple craft I’m sharing today!Apple Craft FREEBIE- Cute and easy apple craft poem idea- love this for the month of September!
Last week we took a stab at poem writing and although some of us got it, most of us still needed a little more practice so poems about apples was a must!
Cute and easy apple craft and poem activity! Great extension after our apple tasting!

Apple Tasting Activity

First, we discussed apples. Then we had to taste apples!

I cut up three different types of apples: classic red delicious, granny smith, and golden delicious.

Apple Adjectives

From there,  we made a huge list of descriptive words for apples.

Apple Craft and Poem

Tomorrow we’re going to take those descriptive words and write a descriptive poem about apples!



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I’ve also included some basic writing papers if you would prefer your students to write about apples!

Now if you’re looking for more fun apple ideas, be sure to check out this awesome Johnny Appleseed Close Reading Lesson plan unit!

johnny appleseed close reading activities


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