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fraction activities for 3rd grade

Fractions in 3rd Grade

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Fraction activities and games perfect for 3rd grade- The Applicious Teacher
For the past few weeks, we’ve been knee-deep in fractions. Now, in second grade fractions are “easy” you spend like a week on them and boom you move onto time.  Third grade…? Yeah… not so much… we’re officially on our 4th week of fractions… yeah… Who knew there was soooo much you needed to know about fractions?! LOL! 😉
 fraction activities for 3rd grade
But here’s a peek at our learning so far.

Fraction Vocabulary

To start our studies, We reviewed what a fraction is and worked through and discussed some key vocabulary. I added these posters to help with the concept as well!

I added this tab this little tab book in too, so we could glue it into our math ISN’s!

Fractions: Read the Room Style

To help review what fractions are and to gain some practice with partitioning shapes, we did a little “Read the Room” activity.

It was the perfect review activity.

It allowed me to see who still needed help with partitioning shapes and fractions in general. Like these two cuties…

I Have… Who Has… Fraction Style

Coming back from Christmas break, we needed another refresher of fraction basics, so pulled this “I Have…Who Has…” game for our first day back.
This was the perfect way to review fractions quickly. We were able to review key terms and discuss how to read fractions. The kids loved seeing how fast they could move through the game!
Fractions unit that is perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade
You can find all those activities and so many more in my newly updated, Fractions Unit. here in my TpT Store.  See the rest of our fraction fun in third grade… here!
Check out our fraction learning in second grade by reading these two posts:  this post… and this post!
Next up…


Wish me luck! (See this fun lesson and so much more here!)

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