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google hacks for teachers

Google Hacks for Teachers

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So we’ve all found ourselves thrown into everything technology these past six months and it has been a whirlwind! So many new things to see, learn, and do. It can all be so overwhelming. That’s why I created this Google Hacks for Teachers post. Think of this as the landing page to all things helpful on best utilizing Google Chrome for your digital classroom.

google hacks for teachers

Each video below is a quick tutorial on how to utilize different features, tricks, and hacks for making your life teaching online easier! Be sure to bookmark or save this page! I’ll be adding more videos as we go on!

Setting Automated Tabs in Google Chrome

Hate having to open ALL.THE.TABS every time you logged onto your computer for the day? Well.. this easy Google Hack will show you how to set your Google Chrome browser up so that all the tabs you need each day will open automatically everytime you open your browser! You’re welcome!

Setting Up Google Classroom for 2nd Grade

A few weeks ago I shared how you could easily set up your Google Classroom for 2nd grade. I’ve also made a tutorial video to help guide you along! Check it out!

How to Assign Selected Slides in Google Classroom

Have a digital resource like my Interactive Anchor Charts that you only want to assign one or a few slides from (not the whole deck?) Then, this video will show you the quick and easy way to assign them (without having to delete a bunch of slides or messing up your original file!) YEAH!

How to Easily Add Audio to Your Google Slides Activities

Sometimes you just need to add some audio to your Google Slides assignments. This can be a little tricky! But, in this video I share exactly how you can do this easily using only your laptop or computer (Just make sure if you’re using a school computer that they don’t block your speakers!) This little hack will allow you to add sound to basically any Google Slides activities, whether you need to add reading directions for IEPs or your ESOL learnings, or reading a passage outloud for your students. It’s a great little hack that is seriously so simple to do!

How to Add PDFs to Your Google Classroom

Just because you’re teaching online doesn’t mean you can’t use all your favorite PRE-COV resources and activities! In this video, I’m sharing how you can take your old PDFs and make them interactive and Google Classroom friendly! Check it out!

Google Hacks for Teachers

Have a suggestion for a how to video? Just comment below and I’ll work to add that to our little reference page! Don’t forget to pin or bookmark this page so you can refer back when you need too!

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