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measurement activities for 2nd grade

10 Linear Measurement Activities for 2nd Grade

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Ok, so I’m not gonna lie… linear measurement is one of my favorite units to teach. Why? Because you can just do so much within this unit, and more times than not, the best way to teach is to have students up, walking around, and doing! I love a good hands-on math unit, don’t you? Well, today, I am sharing 10 linear measurement activities for 2nd grade that are perfect for your classroom math unit. So whether you are just starting your unit or are looking to spice it up a bit, I’ve got you covered! Check it out!

Here are some of my favorite measurement activities for 2nd grade!

1. Use books!

Using a read-aloud when teaching linear measurement can help students build background knowledge and vocabulary. It also can make the lessons so much more interactive! Try using one of the recommended books listed here to launch your measurement lesson!

2. Set Up Measurement Stations

Using math stations in your classroom has so many benefits! Most importantly, students have fun! Having math stations also allows you to differentiate for your students, and it can be a great way to review a concept or skill. Setting up your math stations doesn’t have to be complicated. The activities can be completed at a table, at a student desk, or even while sitting on the floor!

3. Take it Outside

measurement ideas 2nd grade

Looking for a fun activity to do outside? Measuring objects outside can increase student engagement, and you can incorporate real-world objects. Students can measure sticks, trees, leaves, and even rocks. Using the Hands-On Line Plot Activity will allow your students to document their findings.

4. Create a Measurement Monster

measurement monster craft

If you are looking for a fun measurement craft, look no further than Measurement Monsters! Break out the scrap paper and let your students get creative. They will make their own monsters using a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Toward the end, have your students use a ruler to measure different parts of their monster. A bonus is that you can display the craft to brighten up your hallway or classroom!

5. Create a Measurement Bunny

If you have extra “downtime,” the Bunny Measurement Activity is great for incorporating a directed drawing. If you haven’t tried a directed drawing with your class, I highly suggest it!

6. Measurement Task Cards

Bring some of that hands-on measurement focus into your math station time with these Monster Measurement cards. Students will love measuring the different parts of these silly monsters, and you’ll love that your kiddos are practicing measuring with a smile!

measurement task cards

These task cards are part of the Monster Mash Measurement Unit and include a set for inches and centimeters and answer keys so your students can check their work.

7. Measurement House

This one is perfect for using up some of that leftover planner washi tape or scraps of construction paper. For this one, have students use washi tape to create a house shape. Then, measure each “line” of the house and record the length on the line. This can easily be done in either inches or centimeters.

8. Measurement Word Problem Read the Room

measurement word problems 2nd grade

Math Read the Rooms are one of my favorite ways to teach different math topics, and my students absolutely love them!

To play “scoot style,” place measurement word problems around the classroom. Give students a few minutes to solve the problem, then say ‘scoot’ to get students to move to the next card. Keep in mind that you will want to plan out ahead of time the direction your students will be moving. The math activity continues until students have completed each card.

Students can also just walk around the room and solve the cards as they find them. This is much less organized but frees you up to support students as they “Read the Room.”

Grab this already done for you set here!

9. Making Reasonable Estimates Tab-Up Book

reasonable estimates in linear measurement

The Making Reasonable Estimates Tab-Up Book is a sure way to keep your students engaged while exploring linear measurement standards. This activity involves minimal prep and can easily be incorporated into your math stations. Your students will find objects around the classroom that fit into each category.

10. Inch by Inch Craft

This last one is from Amy Lemons! Read the book Inch by Inch by Leo Leonini. Then complete this fun and easy craft! Students create their own animal, then use an inch ruler to measure. Thank you for this fun and easy idea, Amy! See the original activity here!

Measurement Activities for 2nd Grade

These are 10 linear measurement activities that your students will love! Are there any other measurement activities that you do with your class? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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