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An Apple a Day Linky Party- Classroom Management

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Well it is time for the second installment of my “An Apple a Day” Linky Party. 

This week’s topic is…

Classroom Management! 
Before I was hired for my current position, I worked as a substitute for several schools in my district. This allowed me to see MANY different types of classroom management practices. From flipping cards, to signing in, clips, boards… you name it, I’ve seen it.

I was thankful for that experience once I got my own classroom because with 12 boys and 6 girls and one very green teacher, you need a classroom management plan! LOL!

So I went with the one that always worked best for me and that was the clip system.

( I know… it doesn’t look like much, but more on that in a minute…)

It served it’s purpose those first few months, but then I was able to attend a training for C.H.A.M.P.S

 This was a GAME CHANGER!!! If you ever have a chance to read this, I HIGHLY recommend it.

This taught me how to use my behavior management system in a routine and positive way.

So here’s the run down on my classroom management system

I spend A LOT of time modeling, discussing, and revisiting our classroom expectations. Teaching these expectations the first day of school and revisiting them frequently (not only at the beginning of the year, but also throughout the school year) help keep my classroom calm and running like a well oiled machine (most of the time… :))

We live by the 4 Be’s in my classroom:

(these are from my new pack!)

These work well with my clip chart and are displayed right next it so I can refer to it when students are moving their clips up or down.

Here is how I utilize the clip chart in my classroom…

Every Student starts off on green.

Good choices can result in their clips being moved up to blue and earning a blue ticket.

They put their name on their ticket, then place the ticket in my ticket jar
(I would have a picture of that except after 6 years of diligent service, it finally broke :()

I am planning on replacing it with something like this

At the end of the week, I draw out 5 tickets and those students get a dig in my treasure box.

Not so good choices result in their clip moving down to yellow

and loss of half their recess (or some other sort of privilege).

 Continued issues will result in their clip being moved down to red.

This results in a loss of all privileges and a note home.

I keep my clip system fluid, so students can move up or down through out the day depending on their choices.  I always tell my students that even when they are on red, there is always a chance to make it up and move up their clips.

The key to this system is simple. LOTS of positive reinforcement and verbal praise.

 You get more bees with honey, people!!

Students want to be recognized for their hard work and I prefer to move clips up BEFORE I have to move clips down!    (“Who can I catch making a good choice…?”)

Now as you can see from my picture above, my clip system has seen better days. I’ve spent the past few weeks TOTALLY redesigning and updating it!

I needed it to match my new classroom theme!

It is all updated with chevron and cute kiddo clip art! I’ve been working on getting the clip chart ready for back to school.

Now, I know we don’t have that much time at the beginning of the year to “prepare” things, so I thought I would help you guys out and create one for you.
(Laminated, assembled, and ready to go! What???)

One lucky winner will receive my classroom expectation posters and clip chart (all dolled up with ribbon) and a copy of my How’s My Day {Classroom Management Kit}.

I’ve also teamed up with Tamara from Mrs. Russell’s room and Daina from Sticky Notes and Glitter to help out two more winners and receive their classroom management kits!

That’s THREE lucky winners in ALL!!!!

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Be sure to check out how all these other wonderful bloggers handle classroom management in their classrooms! If you link up, please link back to my post and be sure to leave some love for at least two other blogs. Thanks!!!

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