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5 Bulletin Boards That You Can Keep Up All Year

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It’s a proven fact that we teachers LOVE bulletin boards. It’s also a proven fact that we hate taking down and redoing bulletin boards a zillion times over and over again. Or maybe it’s just me..? Either way…today, I’m sharing with you some bulletin board ideas on boards that you can keep up all year long. That’s right, people… all the fun of putting up bulletin boards and none of the work having to take them down and redoing them (until the next year…if you decide!)

bulletin board ideas you can keep up all year

1. Student Focused Information

Ok, so with this bulletin board type, you work to display information about your class, but it can stay up all year!

student birthday bulletin board idea. Love this donut themed birthday bulletin board

I love this donut themed birthday board. It’s a whimsy way to share student birthdays AND is something that can stay up all year. WIN! WIN! This bulletin board also helps you remember all those student birthdays. Not that super-busy-you would ever forget one of the 26 birthdays in your classroom. 

Some other student information bulletin board ideas: 

2. Interactive Goal Keeping Boards

Ok… another idea for a bulletin board that you don’t have to update is a goal tracking board for your students. I know what you are thinking…

Wait… won’t I still have to mess with this board to update the progress of my students?

And the answer is yes. But… let your students do it. (Even kindergarteners can update!) 

Here’s an example of a bulletin board that I had in my 2nd-grade classroom. We used it to track our Reading Counts points. Each time a student made it to the next number goal, they got to write their name on the number. Simple and easy (and no work for this Applicious Teacher!) 

Other examples of bulletin boards that track progress

  • Track Bucket-filling (if you follow this program)
  • Track your students’ minutes on I-Ready (or any mandated program) 
  • Class goals (We used to collect fuzzies when we would get a compliment as a class, then we would earn a special reward after 40 fuzzies- but a bulletin board to track those compliments would have totally worked too!) 
  • Track your students’ math fact accomplishments! (Love this idea from Amy Lemons and Hope King!) \

Don’t be afraid to be creative on this one! Students will be excited to see how well they are doing and you’ll be able to see who might still need support and who’s ready for a challenge (without having to comb through a bunch of data!) 

Check out these bulletin board hacks that will save your sanity!

3. Back-to-School Bulletin Board that Lasts All Year Long

Oh, I LOVE me a good back to school board. You know what kind I’m talking about. The kind where the board follows a theme or a color scheme for your room and you add your student names around the board to “welcome” them to your classroom.

back to school bulletin board: bustin into 2nd grade

Grab this fun bus themed back to school board here! 

You guys, I’m sure this bulletin board hack has been around since the dawn of teaching. But, it’s been around for so dang long because it works. Having your students’ names displayed around the room helps create ownership of the classroom and the work that is done in it! Why not allow that welcome board to stay up as a reminder that we are all in this classroom together? And save you from creating another board this year?

4.  Learning Objectives Board

Ok, this next one might be mandated by your school to have, but it really does make a great board to keep up all year. For me, learning objective boards have changed over the years. 

When I taught kindergarten, (Yikes! I know!) I used the board space right by our “carpet area” to hang anchor charts, learning posters, samples, and even our learning objectives. It was a great place off the whiteboard that students could reference. Yes, you’ll have to update the content that’s on this type of board with your current learning objectives, but at least it’s only a few things, not the entire board. 

learning objectives display board

Here’s an example of the learning objective board I had in my 2nd-grade classroom. I used white sheets of paper tucked into page protectors that were push-pinned into the board. Each time I needed to update our learning objectives, I’d just wipe away the text and update it as needed. Everything else just stayed the same! (Grab this idea here!

5. Make it Interactive

One of my favorite ways to keep a board up all year is to make it actually work for you and interactive bulletin boards do just that! 

stem lab board

My mini classroom STEM Lab board is an example. I set this space right over a table that we had in our classroom that was also by a bulletin board. I added letters, stem manipulatives to the table, and task cards on rings that were stored on pushpins right on the bulletin board. (You can read more about that space here!) Now, I have a bulletin board that looks good, can stay up all year, and is actually useful for my students. 

Other interactive board ideas: 

  • Sight word walls
  • A class game board like Boggle, Scramble, or Monopoly
  • Question parking lot- students have questions, have sticky notes nearby and they can stick their questions up on the board. 
  • Would you rather- pose a would you rather question, then have students move their names to the answers. Be sure to update regularly!
  • Word of the Day/Week board- post a word of the week, then as the week goes on students work to do different things with the word. (Definition, sentence, picture) 

So those a just a few suggestions of bulletin boards that are simple to make and can stay up all year. What are some of your favorite bulletin board that can stand the test of time? Comment below with your favorites! 

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