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best books to teach fractions

9 Books to Teach About Fractions

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Any time I can use a book to start a math unit, I’m all about it! When it comes to teaching fractions, it is no different. I always find that using books is a great way to introduce a new math topic. Also, connecting math to literacy can help boost confidence for those kiddos who love books but might be wary of unique math concepts. Today I want to share nine of my favorite books to teach fractions in your classroom! Come check them out!

best books to teach fractions

Books About Fractions

Want a quick peek at all the books in this post? Shop the links below!

books about fractions for 2nd grade

1. A Fraction’s Goal- Parts of a Whole (Math is CATegorical)

Fractions can be challenging to understand, especially for younger learners. Thankfully, this book shows colorful illustrations and rhyming text that can effectively introduce fractions in a fun and easy-to-follow way. This book is packed with visuals that show how fractions “split” one object into parts, helping children better comprehend this mathematical concept. It’s exciting to see a read-aloud that makes learning about fractions more enjoyable and easier to understand for young minds. Check it out here!

2. Whole-y Cow Fractions are Fun!

This appealing book is a short, whimsical story infused with discovering fractions and helping to develop a love for math! As a bonus, the author provides the answers in the back of the book so your students can see how well they are doing as you read. Talk about a real confidence booster! Grab the book here!

3. Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure

Your young mathematicians will be excited to explore the wonderful world of fractions through this engaging story! They’ll learn how numerators and denominators can help them reduce fractions while discovering colorful illustrations. Best suited for students in 2nd grade and up who need a bit more fun with their math lessons! Check it out here!

4. Full House: An Invitation to Fractions

This book is a simple read built around a tremendous rhyming story. It is a great way to introduce fractions of shapes and sets of objects. Your kiddos will love it! Grab the book here!

5. If You Were a Fraction (Math Fun)

This colorful picture book describes fractions in a way that makes learning math so much fun! This book is perfect for your 2nd or 3rd-grade students. You won’t believe how much love they will have for fractions until you read this book aloud! Check it out here!

6. Fraction Fun

Let this read spark your students’ curiosity and help them develop the skills needed to master fractions! With engaging visuals, interactive activities, and easy-to-follow explanations, they’ll gain an understanding of fraction concepts that will erase any sense of nervousness. Grab the book here!

7. Apple Fractions

This read-aloud is a creative way to introduce students to the world of fractions! With its combination of numerals, words, and illustrations featuring mischievous little elves cutting up apples in different ways, it’s sure to spark curiosity. This can help bring fraction lessons into real life by having your class cut actual apples while they read! Check it out here!

Another fantastic read-aloud that is based on chocolate is The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fractions Book. I will admit it is a little bit harder to find, but this is another classic and can provide a multisensory math experience for your students! Check it out here!

8. My Half Day

With this hilarious book, your kiddos can join a boy as he discovers fractions are in control of his life. From having half a head of hair to sharing breakfast with four people–all while trying to make sense of the crazy world around him! It’s an entertaining way for teachers and students alike to explore how vital understanding fractions can be throughout their day. Grab it here!

9. Give Me Half! (MathStart 2)

Your 2nd graders will love diving into this delightful story about 1/2 and 1/4! They will find the rhymes captivating, with even some of your struggling readers able to make out the words. It will certainly brighten up those springtime lessons – an excellent way for kids to learn fractions! Check it out here!

Fractions Activities for 2nd Grade

Are you looking for more fun and engaging ways to teach fractions to your 2nd-grade students? Use this fractions unit to help your 2nd-grade students practice simple fractions or use a fractions review. These fraction activities can be used during whole-group lessons or in small groups. This fractions unit uses essential vocabulary, hands-on practice, fraction games, and constant review to help your students build a deeper understanding of fractions! Make sure to grab it here!

fractions unit for 2nd grade

These are the nine books that I would recommend when introducing fractions to your students. Are there any others that you would like to add? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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