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Making leprechaun glitter slime in the classroom

Leprechaun Glitter Slime: Classroom St. Patrick’s Day Activity

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Make this easy three-ingredient Leprechaun slime for your students as a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity!

What’s green and gooey and full of Leprechaun magic? Leprechaun glitter slime, that’s what! If you’re looking for an activity to do with your students this St. Patrick’s Day, this one is fun, easy, and full of some Leprechaun mischief and magic!

leprechaun glitter slime for the classroom

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How to Make Leprechaun Glitter Slime

So, making slime is actually pretty easy (and the countless YouTube videos make it even easier!). Today, though, I’m sharing an even easier way to make this fun slime activity with your students.


supplies to make leprechaun glitter slime

For this magical green glitter slime, you’ll need a few supplies.

  • Clear Elmer’s Glue (You can get it by the gallon here!)
  • Green glitter
  • Gold glitter (use different shapes and sizes to add some special Leprechaun magic!)
  • Elmer’s Magical Liquid (This stuff takes the place of the baking soda and contact solution in typical slime! Now you don’t have to worry if your baking soda is fresh enough or if you got the right contact solution! Oh, and it’s washable, safe, and nontoxic for students! YEAH!)
  • Condiment containers with lids (these are the perfect size for sending home the magical slime (or if the leprechaun is bring this as a special treat!)

Step-By-Step Directions for Making Leprechaun Glitter Slime

  1. Start by pouring the clear Elmer’s glue into a large bowl. I find it easier to work in batches but do what works best for you. If you plan on making enough for the whole class (18-23 students), you’ll use the entire gallon of glue.
  2. Mix in your glitter. Get creative! I started with a classic green glitter, then added some gold star glitter, small octagon glitter, and some large circle glitter (like lucky gold coins!). Add a lot of glitter! This is the only color we’re giving it, so the more glitter, the more it will sparkle. (Note on glitter: There are also “superfine” glitters that you can use. I poured some in on my tester batch and found that it gave the slime a nice sheen and some base color.)
  3. Once desired sparkle amount has been achieved, begin adding Elmer’s Magical Liquid to the glitter and glue bowl, stirring as you pour. There are measurement recommendations on the side, but you want to add enough (a little more than half the bottle) to make the slime smooth and not sticky. You should be able to hold the slime without it sticking to your hands. The more Magical Liquid you use, the stiffer the slime will become.
  4. If you’re giving the slime as a gift, section it out and place it in the condiment container. This keeps it off the school’s carpet.
  5. Add the fun tag to the top of the condiment container for a festive touch! Like the label I used? Sign up for the Applicious Resource Library and grab this label and tons more resources!

Leprechaun Magic Slime Label

leprechaun glitter slime label

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Adding a Little Leprechaun Magic

So, of course, all the sparkle and glitter in this slime makes it the perfect little gift idea for a sneaky leprechaun to bring to your students! Add some extra magic with this idea:

Start making the slime with your students right before you leave for lunch or Specials. Then, while they are gone, add the large circle glitter and bring out the Magical Liquid as a gift from the leprechaun. Notes and footprints encouraged! Then, when the students get back to class, have the liquid ready and have your students watch in awe as you turn the sticky glue into sparkly leprechaun slime!

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Make it Educational

So, I know that time is pretty limited in your classroom, and maybe you’re feeling a *bit* of a squeeze when it comes to the “fun stuff” like this slime. That’s ok! We can totally make this fun activity pull double duty with educational focus!

  • Have students make observations about the slime from the beginning of the activity to the end. Then, discuss how the slime’s properties changed. Discuss chemical changes vs. physical changes.
  • After completing the slime activity and giving students time to handle the sparkle slime, have your students brainstorm a list of adjectives to describe it.
  • Bring in some writing by having your students write the steps involved in making the slime. It’s pretty simple, so this writing activity can be done in one day! Remind your students to use transition words like first, then, next, and last!

Leprechaun Shenanigans Writing Activity

You can also use it as a launching point for other fun shenanigans leprechauns can get in to! After completing the slime, invite students to imagine what other shenanigans their leprechaun will get into that day.

leprechaun writing rough draft

Use this fun activity to help students organize their thoughts and finalize the writing with this cute craft!

You can grab the whole unit here in my TeachersPayTeachers.com store! (Or here on my website store!)

St Patrick's Day writing: My leprechaun shenanigans-TheAppliciousTeacher.com

I can’t wait for you to make this fun leprechaun treasure sparkle slime with your students. Let me know how this fun activity goes in your classroom with a comment below!

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